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Saw Amazing Spiderman 2….

On a pop culture movie note, I saw spider man 2 today.

My review was….meh. I was kinda bored even with the special effects and junk.

I really only saw it because I wanted to see if it followed the comic book plotline.

Spoiler alert….





It follows comic book storyline…



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Comic Book Movie Sequels…Second Better Than First

Watching X-Men 2: X-Men United and realizing it really was the best of the original trilogy. Best all around storyline, best use of key character powers and also pretty much action packed and good pace.

Is it just me, but does it seem like the 2nd movie in comic book film trilogies seem to always be the best? Even though the first movies are awesome, there is so much explaining having to be done so that audiences who are not familiar with the comic book lore can be introduced to the characters, that sometimes it loses a lil bit. The one film trilogy that IMHO seems to have started strong is Superman I, but all in all, I’d probably talke Superman II over I (“Kneel Before Zod”!).

So anyone agree? Was X2 better than X1 and X3? Was Superman I better than Superman II, and III/IV? Wasn’t Ironman 2 better than Ironman 1, 2, 3 (actually, I prerfer the original Ironman more than 2 or 3)? Was Spiderman 2 (Toby McGuire Mix) better than Spiderman 1?ImageImageImageImage


So I’ll admit, I’m NOT on it when it comes to the RAP categories.  I haven’t bought a whole rap album since, IDK, Kanye West’s Late Registration (and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even buy the COMPLETE album).  So aside from the occasional single that I overhear on my pop station or my morning drive into work (when I didn’t live 5 min away).  So I’ll admit, I’m not to up on the rap category, but I have heard all of the nominees for BEST RAP PERFORMANCE and I have at the very least heard a good bit of all the albums nominated for BEST RAP ALBUM.  So take what I say with a grain of salt.  I KNOW nothing…


Nominees are Drake – Started From The Bottom, Eminem – Berserk, Jay Z – Tom Ford, Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank), Mackelmore & Lewis – Thriftshop.

The only song I haven’t actually heard is “Berserk” by Eminem.  Unlike in the past, none of Eminem’s songs have grabbed my attention lately, I kinda like “Monster” with Rihanna, but still, it’s not “Love The Way You Lie”… so…bleh.  I admit, I’ve only heard Kendrick Lamar when I’m changing stations from the Urban Contemporary station to one of the Pop stations.  But I know people LOVE Kendrick Lamar, and I know that the critics LOVE Kendrick Lamar as much as the music fans do.  I won’t even lie, I like the melody/beat for “Tom Ford” since the beginning.  Of all the whole song list of “Magna Carta”, I only really like and remember “Tom Ford”.   “Holy Grail” is just a throw-away joint I think used because Jay z was on JT’s 20/20 album for “Suit and Tie” and feeling like it was a “contractual” obligation than some big time collabo.  Finally, there is “Thriftshop” by Macklemore and Lewis is def a pop hit, and catchy as hell and yes Macklemore is a rapper, but in this field and with these RAP heavyweights, Macklemore just seems as flaky as cotton candy to me and this award should go to a true RAP performing MC, but I can actually see Macklemore winning this one, but my personal pick is “Tom Ford”, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was Kendrick Lamar.


Nominees: Drake – Nothing Was The Same, Jay Z – Magna Carta…Holy Grail, Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, Macklemore & Lewis – The Heist, Kanye West – Yeezus.

I’ll be completely honest here, I could care less who wins this, but I’ll admit to being a little peeved if Macklemore wins this award above Kendrick Lamar or Drake or even Kanye West.  Yes Macklemore had a great year, but the BEST RAP ALBUM …naw, I just don’t see it.  My pic would be one of the three I mentioned, but I totally wouldn’t put it past the Academy to vote for Macklemore for the “message” of his music.

So what say you peeps, who are you looking forward to winning in the RAP categories?  Who are you mad wasn’t nominated, who do you absolutely hope doesn’t win…

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Just Let Your Soul Glow…GRAMMY 2014 R&B Nominees

So let get into it then.  So many categories, so little time. So I’m gonna just focus on the big categories as I see them.  Most of them should be televised, but some may not but who cares, I knows what I knows so I’m just gonna pick and choose categories I’m interesting in and maybe throw a bone to the BIG categories.  Sooo, hereeeeee we go…

To get ya caught up on the BIG categories, here is a “play at home” ballot you can peruse… Grammys Ballot 2014: Play at home.

Let’s work our way up…First up R&B categories.  So there are like 5 big categories for R&B.  Only maybe one of the five is actually televised, and I think it’ll be the BEST R&B PERFORMANCE or maybe BEST R&B ALBUM.

First: BEST R&B ALBUM (not sure if this one will be televised)

So I like R&B music, but I freely admit that I really have no skin in the game in this category. I love all the artist, but IMHO, for at least 3 of em, I would say it’s not even their BEST album. If I had to choose, I’d chose Chrisette Michele, one cause I love CM, two cause IMHO, Girl On Fire is Alicia Key’s WEAKEST album to date and the only saving grace is the Maxwell collabo “Fire We Make” (and actually he could have done it without her). Faith Evans and John Legend both have had BETTER albums. Let’s not even talk about TGT. R&B “Supergroups” should have ended with LSG, I’m just sayin’. My pick: Chrisette Michele. My sister Robin’s pick…same.

Next up: BEST R&B PERFORMANCE (I think this one will be televised for sure, it has the R&B girl of the moment, and my pick for winner, Tamar Braxton. Tamar is nominated for “Love and War” The other big name in this category is Miguel for “How Many Drinks”.  Miguel actually won last year and How Many Drinks is from the same album I believer.  My money is on Tamar to take this one for sure.

So check out the other R&B categories here at the next link, and tell me what your picks are for Best in R&B from last year, even if it’s NOT on the official nomination list.

GRAMMY R&B Nominations

Alright, it’s GRAMMY time.  Tomorrow, Sunday January 26 at 7pm (CST) on CBS the 56th Annual GRAMMYs Awards happens.  As usual the telecast will NOT feature all of the actual awards, because, 1) there are just too many of them and 2) I guess the GRAMMY Academy assumes (correctly I think) believe that the viewing public aren’t interested in hearing who won the GRAMMY for BEST REGIONAL ROOTS MUSIC ALBUM.  Although,  you should care cause my home town NOLA is representin’ with the Hot 8 Brass Band, nominated in this category! GEAUX HOT 8!!!).

So, the telecast nowadays actually only broadcast only about 20 of the BIG categories like ALBUM OF THE YEAR, RECORD OF THE YEAR, SONG OF THE YEAR, BEST NEW ARTIST, BEST POP VOCAL, BEST R&B…and so on.  The remainder of the telecast is “out the box” performances and duets “you’ll never see anywhere else”…or whatever.  To be honest, the GRAMMYs of late have been meh when it comes to performance anyways, rare are the days of true show-stopping performances   Quick name the first GRAMMY show-stopping performance that comes to your mind in the last 10 years….don’t google, just off the top of your head…name it?  Hard ain’t it?  Of late, the GRAMMY performances are interesting as they happen, but rarely are they epic enough to actually instantly recall them.

So if ya know me, then you know I love all things music.  I have a very eclectic taste in music.  I’m primarily an R&B girl, but I’m also down with pop, pop rock and top 40…blame it on my morning drive to and from work for 7 years in DFW.  My commute wasn’t long, but it wasn’t short, so I had a lot of exposure to top 40.  Plus you kinda have to play Top 40 stations if you work in a “multicultural” workplace.  Now there is some music I just DO NOT listen to (country music for one) so no dawg you ain’t gonna get nothing from me on country music, but you do get the pleasure of my expertise on any of the actual categories I know a little bit about…lol.

So let’s get it in, to get you ready for the upcoming posts, check out this link from the GRAMMY website with the complete nominees list.

GRAMMY Nominees List

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Grammy Nominations…R&B Categories

Alright, so let’s get into these R&B nominees.

So there are like 5 big categories for R&B.  Only maybe one of the five is actually televised.  So I’m not sure which category (if any) will be televised so I’m just do em all.  So this is the first time that I’m not really sure about the R&B categories.  I know the artist, but I’ll admit, I just don’t think some of the R&B nomnees are as deserving as the other, but meh, I’m not a voter, so I’m just go with who I like and my gut.


So I like R&B music, but I freely admit that I really have no skin in the game in this category. I love all the artist, but IMHO, for at least 3 of em, I would say it’s not even their BEST album. If I had to choose, I’d chose Chrisette Michele, one cause I love CM, two cause IMHO, Girl On Fire is Alicia Key’s WEAKEST album to date and the only saving grace is the Maxwell collabo “Fire We Make” (and actually he could have done it without her). Faith Evans and John Legend both have had BETTER albums. Let’s not even talk about TGT. R&B “Supergroups” should have ended with LSG, I’m just sayin’. My pick: Chrisette Michele. My sister Robin’s pick…same.

What’s your pick FB?

1. R&B Divas – Faith Evans
2. Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys
3. Love In The Future – John Legend
4. Better – Chrisette Michele
5. Three Kings- TGT


Ok, so I’ll be honest, 2 of the nominees I’ve never even heard of (sorry Salaam Remi and Mack Wilds ).  So my money is on one of the 3 lady nominees.  Of the 3 I’d put even money on Tamar or Fantasia.  If I had my way, Fantasia all the way for “Lose to Win” alone, but “Without Me” is a banga, but Tamar’s “Love and War” has been everywhere.  As for Rihanna’s “Unapologetic”, somebody tell me 1 song other than “Pour It Up” and “Stay” on that album that was even worth listening to (besides Ri-Ri should thank each and every producer on every album she’s ever released.  She is def a case where the hits are what sells the album, not the singin).  My personal pick: Fanny all the way…but I’d be okay with Tamar too.  What’s your pick?


  1. Love And War – Tamar Braxton
  2. Side Effects Of You – Fantasia
  3. One: In The Chamber – Salaam Remi
  4. Unapologetic – Rihanna
  5. New York: A Love Story – Mack Wilds

Ok, final category in R&B is BEST R&B SONG.  This one is a hard one.  It’s another epic showdown between Fantasia and Tamar Braxton.  Unlike other categories, I have actually heard every song in this category.  Once again it comes down to the lady nominees.  It’s gotta be Tamar or Fantasia.  Now IMHO, “Lose To Win” is the better song, but “Without You” is a jam.  So for that reason, I’d give Tamar Braxton the edge on this one.  My pic: Fantasia, but I’m betting on Tamar Braxton’s “Love and War”.


  1. Best Of Me Anthony Hamilton & Jairus Mozee, songwriters (Anthony Hamilton)
  2. Love And War – Tamar Braxton, Darhyl Camper, Jr., LaShawn Daniels & Makeba Riddick, songwriters (Tamar Braxton)
  3. Only One – PJ Morton, songwriter (PJ Morton Featuring Stevie Wonder)
  4. Pusher Love Girl – James Fauntleroy, Jerome Harmon, Timothy Mosley & Justin Timberlake, songwriters (Justin Timberlake)
  5. Without Me – Fantasia Barrino, Missy Elliott, Al Sherrod Lambert, Harmony Samuels & Kyle Stewart, songwriters (Fantasia Featuring Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliot)

Coming up tomorrow: HIP HOP/RAP category


I recommend starting with the first season of Luther, not just starting at the last one. The first season is 10 eps long and it sets the scene for what you saw in the latest season.


If you like crime drama at the movies, Luther has the feel of a movie crime drama more than a television show. The first season introduces you to Alice and how she became Luther’s psycho killer soul mate. The analogy someone gave was that Luther is like a superhero but withou super powers or a utility belt.

If you give it a chance, the first season will draw you in. It’s nothing to follow the next two seasons since Season 2/3 are only 4 eps each. So 3 seasons, only 18 eps total. Not a bad sell.

I’ll admit, I watched the series because it had Idris first and because it was BBC America and their dramas are just way better. I watched the whole season because Idris is VERY GOOD and he plays the character of Luther fabulously.

So to recap reasons to watch Luther:

1) Idris Elba and all 6 ft…whatever of him, lumbering around, with these long as strides and broad shoulders. It’s been said that Idirs Elba’s “swagger” as Luther alone is enough to recommend the show. Plus you get to hear Idris in his natural accent and I tell ya, that man has one of the more deep and masculine British London accents you will ever love to hear (I love my Brit-boys, but man some of them do NOT have the deepest voices ever, i.e. Dave Beckham. Love to look at him, but man I hate it when he speaks…lol)




2)The character of Alice turns the whole pyscho-killer antagonist completely on its ear, you actually find yourself “shipping” Alice and Luther even though

Alice is a “psycho-bitch”. luther-bbc-tv-show

3)The story or just this side of creepy that it gives you a jolt when you watch it, but it’s that good kinda scary jolt that the best crime drama and suspence movies have. Plus the seasons are short, so you could literally watch them all in a one day marathon.

4) Last but not least, did I mention…that IDRIS freakin’ ELBA is in it.  This just gives me an excuse to post this gif again!!!

tumblr_mbfq6boOUn1qcepzco1_500 (1)

Yesterday after hearing the verdict, I was not really shocked, but I just felt this numbness. I was upset and just had a long time trying to get my mind settles enough to finally get to sleep. This morning I woke up and I no longer felt numbness, I felt anger. And not the normal kind of anger at stubbing your toe, or angry cause I’m broke, but this quiet, festering anger that just seemed to get stronger as the day goes by and as I read the reactions from both side of the divide and I just had to stop watching tv or reading twitter. That anger is still festering and simmering under the surface. To know me is to know that I’m not a volatile person. I’m pretty even-handed when it comes to the justice system, I don’t trust it, but I realize that we have to live within it. But as African Americans, I suspect that majority of us feel the same particularly when it comes to the justice system. 

I’m angry. That’s it. I don’t feel violent, I don’t feel reactive, I FEEL ANGRY! And right now, I don’t want to hear anything about this being “the right verdict” or about “respecting the verdict” or “why are people so surprised”.  I don’t want to hear anything about SYG, or about white on black crime or any other reasoning people have been using to create “calm”. Can Black folk just for right now be allowed to be damn angry and not RATIONAL and not LOGICAL, just ANGRY. without someone trying to calm us down.


I AM ANGRY. I damn I think we deserve at least the day to rant and rave in anger and not LOGIC.  That way at least we can go to work on Monday in our probably majority white work place and public places and not feel the need to scream in white folks faces!


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Movie Review: Man of Steel, The New Hotness

So it’s taken me a minute, but I”m ready to give my review of the new Superman flick Man of Steel.

First, a little of my Superman history.  I have never read the comics, I never read any of the graphic novels, I have no idea of all the Superman universes, I’ve never seen Smallville, but I did watch Lois & Clark.  My reference point for Superman, like millions of people is the Superman movies starring Christopher Reeves.  I know some of the history of the Superman mythology, but I’m not nearly as up to date on the background pre/post the Chris Reeves movie (now X-Men is a different story, I know way more bout Marvel than I do about DC Comics outside of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and the Justice League characters).  I also saw the last Superman movie with Brandon Routh, and unlike some, I didn’t hate it.  Oh and I’ve never seen the Chris Nolan Dark Knight Batman series, I’m a Tim Burton kinda Batman girl, so I’m NOT a Nolan aficionado.  So my comparison for this Superman movie would be based on my love of the original movies.  So I have been anticipating this movie for some time now, once I heard they were doing a new one, and even more once I saw the pics of the new Superman (Henry Cavil).  I read all the ranting about the red drawers, about the absence of Kryptonite, about  the red-headed Lois Lane, I read everything.  Of course I didn’t care though, if I really want to see a movie, reviews or rants don’t matter.  So me, my sisters and my nephew all got to the theater early.  We got great seats and I went to the bathroom early, so as NOT to miss any of the action.

Ok, so about the movie, the plot is exactly what you expected if you’ve seen the original movie or haven’t been living under a rock and don’t know the basic Superman back story.  Krypton is dying, parents send Supes to Earth, raised by Ma and Pa Kent, big bad-guy is General Zod instead of Lex Luthor. Lois Lane is as nosy and hard-headed as she’s ever been, and Superman has superpowers.  Like I said, not much changed plot-wise.  That’s not to say that there wasn’t some interesting twists, but aside from one major thing towards the end (which if you are not a Superman super-stan, you won’t even realize it’s that big a deal) the plot is the same and not really anything new, besides stylistic differences.

So getting into the nitty-gritty, I  liked the movie.  Was I blown away, hate to say it, but no I wasn’t.  Was it good, yes, but so was the original.  Was the acting great, yeah, I say better than the original for the supporting players (i.e. Pa & Ma Kent, Jor-El, Gen Zod, Perry White…) but to be honest, the new Supes Henry Cavil  didn’t speak much (which BTW, is NOT a complaint, MORE ON THAT LATER IN THE POST) and when he did it definitely paled in comparison to Christopher Reeves, but that could be cause he was new to “the suit” if ya know what I mean.  Was the action scenes better, yeah, way better.  The Reeve movies are a product of their times, so of course with the new technology, the new movie didn’t disappoint.  The fight sequences were really good, the hand to hand stuff, the presentation of the superpowers, a very good presentation of how a fight between two very strong superbeings would be very destructive to the surrounding area and people.  In fact, you might say there may have been more fight sequences than needed, but all the scenes they did have were superb.  The best use of new effect technology was definitely during the flying sequences, IMHO.  The special effects crew and cinematographer did a great job of simulating a “flying man”, in fact it was both exhilarating and “dizzying” (if you hate “rocky” camera work, then sorry).

So I left the film satisfied but not blown away.  In fact, I’m not sure I can give you good quotes on what was said, or even describe scenes outside of the fight scenes as vividly as I can for Avengers.  So why is that…I’ll tell ya Henry Cavill….hubba, hubba.

Man, I admit, I loved me some Chris Reeves’ Superman, but that was the crush of a young teenage girl (the movie came out in 1978, I remember seeing it as a teen on syndicated tv), but now as full-grown woman, well…DAMN.  I swear I can’t be completely sure, I may have blacked out from the hotness, but in Cavil’s first scene in the movie he’s pretty much shirtless for an extended action sequence. Here he is:

superman-man-of-steel-henry-cavill-set-photo-011   superman-actor-henry-cavill-during-the-filming-of-man-of-steel-pic-splash-736235473

Now, imagine THAT on the big screen!  I swear to the Lord, my lil sister Robin leaned over to me and said, “well damn, this Superman dude is REALLY HOT!”  My sister on the other side was like “Damn, I need me a Superman in my life”.  Then there was the suit, I don’t  care one iota that the red drawers were missing, I”m not that much of a fan-girl anyway, but DAMN IF THAT SUIT WASN’T SKIN. TIGHT!!!! There was no room for an ounce of fat on his body in that suit.  If Clooney had to have the abs sewn into the Batman suit, Cavill soooo did not.  As you can see from these still pictures, it was basically lycra and buff body.  IT WAS ALL CAVIL!!!! DAMN!

superman-man-of-steel-set-photo-costume-henry-cavill-01    Superman-Man-Of-Steel-Henry

henry-cavill-superman-man-of-steel-set-photos-05      Man-of-Steel-Henry-Cavill

And yes, it was even more marvelous on the big screen!

I’m telling you there were times during the movie that I was just damn distracted by how gorgeous Cavil is.  My sister Robin was like:

it's too much

“He is just too damn good-looking”.  And it’s true, someone asked me today how was the movie.  I said “I liked it” and he was like “Ooh, that wasn’t a I love it type of I liked it”…lol.  And it really wasn’t, I did like it, but it’s just dawning on me that maybe I was too focused on Cavil, cause if you asked me what I liked about the movie, the first thing that comes to mind is “ummm… Henry Cavil was pretty darn hot”!!  But the movie itself was good, but come on look at this, in or out of the suit, the dude is pretty georgeous:

henry-cavill-upstreet-magazine-02      man-of-steel-image02

henry-cavill-r Amy-adams-henry-cavill-man-of-steel-skipHenry-cavill-300x350  man-of-steel-henry-cavill-superman-

Ummm. so where was I?  Oh yeah, movie review, so

Plot: B++ (nothing new)

Action: A++, the special effects and fight sequences and flying sequences were top-notch.

Acting: B+ for Cavil (the + is for the hotness…so hot!), A+ for supporting cast (Russell Crowe, Costner, Diane Lane, Fishborne, and Michael Shannon who played General Zod).

Hotness: A++++++ (um just take a look at the pics of Cavil I posted).

 Overall: Definite A, but with the disclaimer that I may have just been blinded by the awesome perfect hotness that was/is Henry Cavil…soo…LOL!

I definitely recommend it if you’re a Supes fan or not.  You will enjoy it.

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