Bond…James Bond! Top Ten Theme Songs and Favorite Bond…

Ok.  So I still haven’t edited my videos from the Stevie Wonder Concert this past Tuesday.  I’ve been trying to edit them after work, but just too darn tired to stay up too much later than usual. I think I’m getting old…jeez.

Anyway, I also too tired tonight to do anymore editing, so I’m surfing the net and watching some tv while eating some chinese takeout.

I’m off work tomorrow so I figure I’d just edit the videos tomorrow.

Right now though, I’m watching Pierce Brosonan in Goldeneye. For some reason I’ve been watching Bond movies since last week.  Apparently one of the cable movie nets is having a #BondCollection movie month. So last weekend I watched Skyfall. I mean, I own all the Craig Bond movies on BluRay, yet I still watched the movie on tv.

Anyway, watching Goldeneye and listening to Tina Turner singing the song for Goldeneye, written by Bond and The Edge, which I never really knew. It got me to thinking that of the post Connery & Moore Bond films, Tina Turner and Goldeneye has the most pleasing to the ear sound and “classic” Bond sexiness? The only other 2 I can remember Garbage and the last Adele song for “Skyfall”.

So I found myself wanting to rank the top 10 Bond Theme Songs. I found this handy, dandy list from WashPo (the some of the videos are no longer on YouTube, but the ranking’s sound). I’d totally agree that Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger is definitely #1. I actually agree with the top 4 except I would have Duran Duran higher than Carly Simon..

Here’s the link to that listing:

10 Best James Bond Theme Songs

Now for today’s poll: Sexiest James Bond

Daniel Craig. Sexiness Scale: 10, Have you seen the man in a swimsuit!!!! He may be the shortest Bond, but he all packed with muscle and brawn and brute force!

Pierce Brosnan. Sexiness Scale: 9, Accent, Swagger, That Hair! He doesn’t have Craig beat in the muscle and brute force category, but hands down, the nicest to look at, and the body and build that made you believe he could knock someone out and still have time left to kiss you silly

Sean Connery. Sexiness Scale: 8 by today’s standards, 10 by past standard…points for original sexy. Also points for playing both a “young” Bond and a more “mature” Bond.

Timothy Dalton. Sexiness Scale: 8, Accent, Hair, a poor man’s Brosnan before Brosnan became Bond. I barely remember his 2 Bond films, but he edges out Roger Moore thanks to his being just great to look at.

Roger Moore. Sexiness Scale: 5 by today, 8 by past standard…dude’s Bond just seemed so corny to me. Still…license to kill makes him sexy but dated as heck.

So who’s your favorite Bond and who would you like to be the next Bond after Daniel Craig.  If you know me, then you already know who I’m rooting for!

Need I say more?

Kicked Off Bucket List…Songs In The Key of Life!!!

So yay!  Tomorrow I’m going to see Stevie Wonder at the Smoothie King Center for his “Songs In The Key of Life” tour.

To prepare myself, I’ve been listening to the “Songs in the Key of Life” LP in its entirety.

It’s weird, I was born in November 1976 this album was released in September of 1976. I guess I must have heard these songs in my crib, cause I swear I know all these songs. I blame being the oldest grandchild and having young aunts and uncles. My mother’s brothers (my uncles) were ALL into music. They all lived in this four bedroom housing project. The older boys shared a room (2 of them) the younger boys shared one room (4 of them) and the girls (4 of them shared a room, all at various times until they got older and left.

In the boys’ room is where all the record albums and the “stereo” system was. They had this one easy chair that was central to this little ass room…lol. They would sit in it, turn on the record player and just sit in that chair, listen to the music and tap their feet. I have memories of them all, in this chair and I see them with their eyes closed, tapping their feet and hands on the floor and arms of the chair. Probably one of my earliest memories.

Gonna spend the rest of my night listening to as many of the songs as I can.

Tomorrow is the actual concert!  Can’t wait!

Here’s the YouTube Playlist I”m listening to: 

Some of my fav from the album:

It’s Been A Long Time…

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to the blog.  I’ve been meaning to get to it more often, but life, as they say, happens and time slips away from you.  But since today begins a 5 day stretch of 12 hours a day night shift work for me, I figured, I’d have nothing but time to kill.

So let’s start by talking about what’s been going on since I last blogged in this space….oh since November, last year…Damn!  What the heck have I been doing?  Nothing at all, if you know me, then you know I don’t leave a real exciting life, that’s for sure.  In fact, I’m downright boring.  The most exciting thing I’ve done since my vacation to Hawaii was that I bought a new car.  Yep…good ole Goldie is no more.  I traded her in for my new baby Ruby Red, a 2015 Hyundai Sonata.  I love her already.  She’s got powerdoors, windows and mirrors, d

river side power seating, bluetooth technology, touch screen display, backlit backup camera, and cloth/leather beige seats.  I think she’s pretty sweet.

You can check her out here: image image image image image image image image

She’s pretty sweet.  I’ve had her since last month and so far she is awesome.  I’ve even taken her on a “long” drive to Baton Rouge to see my granny and she rode like a breeze.  I’m pretty happy with the purchase so far, and unlike with Goldie, I plan to keep up the maintenance on time and I also plan to keep the inside as clean as I possibly can, so no more eating while driving if I can help it, and definitely no more messes!

So other than one major purchase, I haven’t really been up to anything impressive this new year.  Hopefully I’ll have more exciting plans to come?




City By The Bay (Day 2…38th Birthday VayKay Extravaganza!!! )

Good Morning!

Woo!  Sunday was a long, yet exciting  and quick day.  As you may have guessed by the title (or just already knew where I was), I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon/evening visiting San Francisco!

The  day started off later than I planned between the time change and the jet lag and the excitement of finally being on this vacation, my body was plum tuckered out!  I was planning to start the day off by 9am, but nope. I ended up sleeping until at least 10 and didn’t leave my Oakland hotel to head to San Fran until about 11.

So my plan for the day was to find someplace I could buy a jacket or a sweatshirt, cause it was WAYYY more chilly than it expected it to be here in the Bay Area.  So I headed out the hotel towards this shop I found through Yelp that was supposed to be in walking distance from my hotel.  I was all set to maybe spend close to $30 on a garment! but low and behold! a block up from my hotel what did I find?   A goodwill store, my mama’s FAVORITE place to shop…LOL (I’m serious, the woman had an addiction even before Macklemore had that song. It’s a running joke in our fam how much my mamma loves thrift shops.).

So rather than paying $30 for some sweatshirt, I ended buying a heavy long-sleeved shirt to wear over my jacket and stuff and I didn’t bring a purse, so I looked through the pile and found this gem, big enough to fit my stuff, long enough strap to go across my chest, and small enough not to be bulky on the train and as I walked throughout the day.

Lovely bag I found at Goodwill, Downtown Oakland.

Lovely bag I found at Goodwill, Downtown Oakland.

So next I head to BART to ride into  San Francisco.  the train was standing room only, but I guess that’s to be expected since everyone probably works or plays in San Francisco.  So I knew the train from Oakland to SF travels underneath the bay, but no one warned me about your ear popping due to the sea pressure, so that was uncomfortable for a bit.  But that wasn’t as bad as when in the middle of the ride, this woman excuses her way through the train holding this teenage girl’s  hand and proceeds to say in the loudest voice ever “Excuse me everyone. I’m sorry to do this at this time, but this me and my daughter are homeless and we have been for 40 months and we just need $400 (or maybe she said $4000,  IDK) to give….if you could see it in your hearts to donate….”.   She proceeded to continue along the train and I guess she repeated this speech in each train?  So, um yeah.

um yeah

Anyway, finally made it to San Francisco, Embarcadero station at about noon.  It was about 2 blocks from Port of  San Francisco ferry building.  It’s both a place for food and shops.  From this building you can see both the bay bridge and the bay itself.  So I woke up later than I planned (thank you jet lag) I didn’t eat anything before I left Oakland for San Francisco, and the port was at least a 30 min walk to the beginning point of my hop on hop off tour bus,  so my stomach was twisted in knots telling me “feed me” like the plant in Little Shop Of Horrors, so I picked me up something to drink.  There was ALOT of choices, but I wasn’t in San Fran to spend much money, so I settled on a deli sandwich a brownie and a Coke.  It was delicious and my stomach stopped howling!

Ok, so I had a decision to make, the walk to my tour bus would take a nominally fit person  (i.e not some schlep like me) about 30min.  Now I’d like to think I know my body’s big ass limitations and I had/have a goal this vacation to NOT die or pass out from exerting too much “physicalness” on my out of shape body…but, thanks to some motivation from my sisters and my brother/cousin Dede, I figured hey, I might as well just walk and take in the sites.

Alright, now let’s be clear, this meant I had to walk from essentially “pier 1″ to pier 39 and you best believe that I felt everyone last step I took, but thanks to being on my own, I didn’t feel rushed to get to my destination (meh, I had all day and no plans for anything afterwards).   So what took most maybe 30min,  probably took me more like an hour, not just because of being out of shape (you best believe I stopped ALOT), but also because I was taking pictures and texting my fam the whole way.  It was awesome.

I made it to my tour bus, loaded the bus and was on my way.  This I mention that this was a narrated tour? Ok, well did I mention that it was an audio narration?  Ok, then did I mention that I did NOT bring my headphones? Ugh.  so yeah, I took the tour but other than the map I had no idea of any history or any such mess…LOL.  Still it was a break from walking, it was COLD as hell and I saw some pretty darn cool sites, including the Golden Gate Bridge which not only was cold as hell, but WINDY as hell and sitting atop that bus made it more so.  You can check out this cool video I took riding across bridge:

I ended my day in San Francisco  after the tour ended and made my way back to Oakland to get ready for the next day flight to Honolulu when my bay Kay would really begin.

Some more pics I took in San Fran and these aren’t even all of them!  Next up, my flight to Hawaii and my first full day in Honolulu.

38th Birthday VayKay Extravaganza!!! 3-5-7, Get Loose (Day One)

They have a saying in NOLA, “Where y’at?”.  Usually you say “making groceries” or “just chillin”, but if you were to ask me “where y’at” I have to say “Oh I’m in Oakland. Where YOU at?!”.  Yessir and Madam, my 38th Birthday Vaykay, Extravaganza has begun!

This first post is gonna be short and sweet:  Oaktown, LYNELL H is here

After two, 2.5hr flights, my very first BART train ride, and schlepping 2.5 blocks from the BART station to check into my hotel, a sista is POOPED and hungry.  BUT, I’m excited for tomorrow’s sight-seeing in San Francisco!

So check out the few pics I took today and tomorrow, San Francisco, here I come.

What You Need To Know About Ebola…

Hey guys, here is the link to the a Balloon Juice thread. Check it out and maybe your questions were answered. I hope so.

Ebola, Labwork, Microbiology.

If not, here’s my “What You Need To Know About Ebola” factoid.


What you need to know about Ebola from CDC:

1)The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history. The outbreak is affecting multiple countries in West African. The first “travel-associated case of Ebola in US” was Mr Duncan which was confrimed by CDC. About 1/2 of the people who have gotten Ebola in this outbreak has died and although the risk of spreading it US is low, hospitals (let’s forget about Presby for a minute) along with the help of the CDC are taking precautions to make sure it doesn’t spread in the US.

2)A person infected with Ebola can’t spread the disease until symptoms appear. Time from exposure to when signs and symptoms appear (incubation period) is 2 to 21 days, but on average, they occur between 8-10 days from exposure. Signs of Ebola: fever (+101.5F), Symptoms of Ebola: severe headaches, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, or unexplained bleeding or bruising.

3)Ebola is spread through <strong>direct contact</strong> (thorough broken skin or mucous membranes) with blood and body fluids (urine, feces, saliva, vomit, sweat and semen) of a person with Ebola. Also too, objects like needles, that have been contaminated with blood/body fluides of Ebola patiend can also spread the virus.


4)If you someone or someway have to be in contct with a person who is suspected of having Ebola, protect yourself. There is no FDA-Approved vaccine available. Experimental vaccines and treatments are under development, but they have not yet been fully tested for safety and effectiveness. DO wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. DO NOT touch blood or bodily fluids of people who are sick. DO NOT handle items that may have come in contact with sick person’s blood or body fluids. DO NOT touch the body of a person who has died of Ebola.

My Thoughts on Ebola…

Ok, I’ve been at work all day.


But I’ve been getting pieces and bits on the newest Ebola case.


So I am a Microbiologist. I have worked in hospital labs for the past 10 years and I currently work here in NOLA. I lived in Dallas for 7 years. I worked in the big public hospital for 5-6 years then I worked for a sister hospital to Presby Dallas, and all I’m going to say is Presby Dallas has a reputation.


So when the first case came, I always figured from jump that Presby dropped the ball the first time he came to hospital. The entire team that day, including nurses, PA, MDs etc. failed arm Duncan that day and now that failure ended with his death and chickens are now coming home to roost.



The problem I had with this latest case was that the nurse knowingly travelled even after she absolutely came in contact with the Ebola patient, but now we find out that she actually called the CDC and they told her it was ok to fly??


What I now wonder if she was a buddy to the other nurse? A friend in DFW tells me the protocol at Presby is a buddy system. It should be the same as my current hospital protocol which is also a buddy system. For the laboratory purposes, this means that there is a “clean” tech and a “dirty” tech.


the buddy system is supposed to work where one helps the other when it comes to taking off PPE and also the buddy tech is supposed to be paying attention as the “dirty” tech manipulates the specimen…i.e. they are supposed to be eye balling you and making sure that u aren’t scratching, rubbing head or mopping sweat.


And as you see they are taking the latest case to Emory instead of Presby Dallas and I’m pretty sure I know why.


I honestly am beginning to think the problem is that this is all voluntary. Soon as this guy came through the 2nd time, the CDC probably should have quarantined the whole staff who was going to be working on him and just as they did the family, quarantine them right at the hospital and do not let them leave until a complete negative cycle of 21 days!


I think though that what needs to be understood is that this IS NOT considered to be an outbreak. Because so far the only people who have become infected so far are the two who were in close contact and caring for Patient 0, in this case Mr. Duncan


The thing to do now is CONTAIN the virus so that it doesn’t spread outside of the zero zone in this case Presby Dallas. Hopefully the nurse who travelled wasn’t in the contagious stage and no others become infected, but we won’t know until we know


As to who should be contained? I think they should contain any and everyone who came in contact with Mr. Duncan, particularly the care givers at Presby Dallas. If it means they don’t let them leave the hospital, so be it. The family of Mr. Duncan is still being monitored and will continue doing so. The same should be done for any staff at Presby Dallas.


The problem you have is the free-will of the people quarantined. In other words, you have a case like the MSNBC physician, Nancy Synderman, who left her quarantined cause she was tired of the food they were giving and she wanted some soup! That is a breach of protocol that should not have happened, but how to you stop someone from exercising their free rights?

Cause let’s be clear, the same ones who are outraged now, would be the same one outraged if they were told that they were being monitored and quarantined. How many among us would be happy with that, particularly if we feel fine and don’t think there is a chance that we contracted