Kiera Wilmot Deserves Her Life Back

The State of Florida was stupid to even charge this young lady for that bullshit. Poor kid. We need more people of color in the sciences not less. As the US is becoming “browner”, it’s important that everyone has the representation they need to succeed. Shit it’s hard enough sometimes to get our kids interested in something other than becoming a baller or the next big rap superstar. Shit like what happened to this young lady makes it even harder. Hopefully she can get past her fear and go far as possible in the field.

the story of Kiera Wilmot ain’t over. The State of Floirida has dropped the charges agianst her, but she’s still being made to go to an alternative school. At her former school, she was into music and played the cello and was in the band and was taking orchestra, but the alternative school does not have that type of curriculum. Kiera hopes to go back to her former school for her Senior year, but right now the family and their lawyers are negotiating with the school board to get her back and as you can guess it is very hard on her family’s finances.

[EXCLUSIVE] Kiera Wilmot: I Feel Scared to Do Science Now | Black America Web.

Some good news for Kiera though, members of the science community are rallying around her.

Former NASA Engineer Awards Kiera Wilmot Scholarship To Space Academy

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