I am completely heartbroken to share the sad news that one of my sisters (Nicole) died suddenly yesterday, June 14, 2022 at 7:57pm. My family is devastated. It happened so quickly. She was hospitalized a few days ago, but she was up and awake and having a laugh and a joke with my sister Natalie … Continue reading Devastated!

New Job Who Dis

I’M STILL HERE!! Just started a new job last week in a new city! Been hella busy, but I promise to start updating the blog more frequently than I have. So please bear with me while I get into a better routine. The blog posts will fly again! Continue reading New Job Who Dis

New Hair, Who Dis?!!

Say hello to my new wigs…Sasha, Michelle and Malia…LOL! Well actually, I might call the last one Annalise! First, here is my hair right after wash day: Here’s my every day wash’n go: Now here are my new wigs! Check out Sasha: Say hello to Michelle: And finally…. Malia, but I might actually call this … Continue reading New Hair, Who Dis?!!

Mask Up People!!!

Short and sweek thread. After almost 2 months, I FINALLY got the cloth masks I ordered. I bought two different designs. I actually like the pink better. The white doesn’t traslate as well on my face as I thought it would. I’m gonna use them for when I start to travel again, and for when … Continue reading Mask Up People!!!