RIP Uncle Paul

My uncle Paul passed away peacefully last Friday after being taken off life support after being stricken with sudden emergency condition on last Wednesday. I was thinking about my uncle Paul today. My Uncle Paul was the best. Out of all my uncles/aunts he and my Auntie Paula, his twin, were/are the closet in age … Continue reading RIP Uncle Paul

Signs of Life

Hi guys… I’m pretty sure no one even comes to this site anymore, but it’s still active and it’s still mine. As you may have seen from my last post alot has been going on in my life and so blogging just hasn’t been on my mind at all. I really wasn’t sure if I … Continue reading Signs of Life


I am completely heartbroken to share the sad news that one of my sisters (Nicole) died suddenly yesterday, June 14, 2022 at 7:57pm. My family is devastated. It happened so quickly. She was hospitalized a few days ago, but she was up and awake and having a laugh and a joke with my sister Natalie … Continue reading Devastated!