How To Get Away With Murder…Or…My Newest Obsession.

2 thoughts on “How To Get Away With Murder…Or…My Newest Obsession.”

  1. ok,

    I just don’t think Annalise loves her husband ‘ like that’. I don’t get that vibe from her. The only way I could believe it was her, was if she didn’t already have her own Boo. But, when a woman gets their own Boo, and seems to be the Alpha in the relationship, I’m not getting that she killed the coed.

    Now, the husband, I believe. He’s got a good thing going on here, being married to Annalise, and I don’t think he would let the coed trip HIS good thing up.

    I can’t believe we’re dealing with two murders, and not just one this season.

    That the husband is dead too…. I don’t know what to think. And how come there are only 4 interns dealing with the body disposal?


    1. So yeah, I also think Annalise is too alpha for the killing too, but then I recalled those time in the ep where she blew up at her subordinates and that witness, and her scene with Wes in the bathroom and the student that spoke up before Wes.

      I can see her having one of those flashes of anger ant throwing something or reaching out for something and then bap…death husband.

      Also too, that scene in the bathroom with Wes, I can totally see Annalise pulling that manipulative bullshit with the Boo or some other minion and get them to believe that they have to kill the husband.

      It would also explain why those students would actually assist or cover up a murder.

      I just can’t figure any other reason why they would do it? I mean what could the husband have done that would cause one of the students to kill him and all of the “Scooby gang to get involved.

      Also too, yeah, I thought it was gonna be one murder as well, but two..woo in only 15 episodes!!! Have NO IDEA how they are gonna do it.

      But it’s gonna be good!


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