Niecy Zoe…Month 8!

Zoe made 8 months on April 2, 2016! The month started off with me driving out to see Zoe and wish my granny a Happy Birthday.  Check out pics of me and Zoe hanging out on a Sunday afternoon. The following week, Zoe came out to see me (she brought my sis along too, but … Continue reading Niecy Zoe…Month 8!

Let The Music Play…It’s Grammy Night!

It’s Monday, the beginning of the work week.  If you’re reading this post though, then you already know, it’s not just any Monday night.  It’s music’s “biggest” nigh…it’s GRAMMY night.  Tonight on CBS, the The 2016 Grammy Awards ceremony will be held on tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and broadcast live on CBS nationwide, … Continue reading Let The Music Play…It’s Grammy Night!

Tired of Being Tired…

Evening peeps, I’m still here trucking along…not much up for blogging lately though. Ever since I was put on blood pressure meds, I’ve just been so tired lately.  Mostly, I just don’t get enough sleep, but even when I do get enough sleep, I’ve just been feeling really tired.  I know it’s a combination of my … Continue reading Tired of Being Tired…

New Year, New Me!

Happy 2016 to everyone who visits my little ole blog here. I’m in the middle of a long work week, that won’t end for me until at least next Wednesday.  So this will be another mini-post, just to let folks know I’m still here  Thanks to this long week, I haven’t had a chance to … Continue reading New Year, New Me!