Bond…James Bond! Top Ten Theme Songs and Favorite Bond…

3 thoughts on “Bond…James Bond! Top Ten Theme Songs and Favorite Bond…”

  1. My Bonds:
    1. Sean Connery – he was the first. He was the reason I fell for the franchise. I remember seeing the Bond movies on tv when I was a kid-loved him.

    2. Daniel Craig – for his physicalness, and because his Bond is so dark.

    2.00000001- Pierce Brosnan -there never should have been a Timothy Dalton as Bond because it always should have been Pierce.

    3. Roger Moore- only because of Live and Let Die – one of the best songs, and best villains and Geoffery Holder….

    4. Roger Lazenby.
    I can’t even put Dalton on the list.

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    1. lol…Dalton I remember cause I was young, Connery I remember being old, again I was young so Pierce and Craig both are when I was “of age” Pierece a teenager still into looks, and Craig an adult woman more into sex appeal…lol


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