Welcome to The Lyons Den..Or…The Empire Strikes Back…Or…Wednesday Night Fall TV Preview

3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Lyons Den..Or…The Empire Strikes Back…Or…Wednesday Night Fall TV Preview”

  1. Rosewood gets a six episode chance from me because of Morris Chestnut.
    Will continue to watch Arrow, Black-ish, Empire. Nashville.

    My Supernatural love ended at Season 5. I was a fanatic but, I honestly thought they had done everything in 5 seasons. By the third episode of season 6, I was like, been there, done that. Haven’t seen an episode since.

    American Horror Story – like you, I’m not a horror person. But, because Angela Bassett joined, I gave it a chance, but wound up quitting, because of the horror thing. Same thing with last season – started out, but it wound up creeping me out. I just can’t do it.


    1. I’ll def be giving Rosewood and Minority Report a fair shot at wowing me. I love Morris Chesnut enough to give him beaucoup chances. Minority Report I’m giving a chance because I love sci fi shows with minorities in primary cast. I just hope FOX doesn’t do to it what they did to Almost Human.


    2. AHS has a great look for sure, but yeah, I like my “horror” more subtle than creepy. I did try with Coven, but never got past the minotaur scene with Kathy Bates…


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