Zoe Says “Hey I’m 3 Months Old Today”

6 thoughts on “Zoe Says “Hey I’m 3 Months Old Today””

  1. lamh,

    a coworker of mine, when each of his children was born, has set up their own email account. and everytime he takes pictures of them, he makes sure to email the pics to the account. his plan is…when they turn 18, to give them the password, and they’ll have a pictoral account of their lives. You take so many good pics of Zoe and Maddie that maybe you could do something similar for them.

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    1. I do try to save all my pics to a separate thumb drive so that I can have then other than on my compute. the best thing I ever did was have copies of my diplomas, and such on my compute cause after Katrina that was the only things I had left…I’ve lost sooo many photos fro Katrina

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