Iron Man 3: RDJ Dials It In… (A Nellybellsplace Review)

2 thoughts on “Iron Man 3: RDJ Dials It In… (A Nellybellsplace Review)”

  1. thanks for the review.

    I’m going to see Peeples tomorrow.

    and Friday, I’m gonna go see two movies…haven’t made up my mind which ones yet


  2. got a movie recommendation for you


    I loved it. I really loved it. I had no idea who the Black lead actor is, but he was so funny in a sweet, cudly way.

    I understood why Kerry Washington’s character was with him, and how he rounded out her life, and why she needed him.

    I loved the entire ‘meet the family’ where the Black family isn’t full of stereotypes.

    it totally wasn’t marketed well, because folks should go see it.


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