“A Black Bond Would Stand Out Too Much”…Oh…Really!!

3 thoughts on ““A Black Bond Would Stand Out Too Much”…Oh…Really!!”

  1. I would love a Black Bond. He would add another layer to the legend of Bond. But, the argument that he would stand out is a crock. After the Black Bond, I would like to see an Asian one. The limits placed on Bond are only because of closed minds.

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  2. I’ve always wanted to see somebody other than a white man play The Doctor. There’s really no reason in canon that he always has been, and it’s very silly that an alien who regularly shapeshifts would be stuck in a single type of human body like that. There was some chatter about having a non-white or non-dude (not both, of course 🙄 ) actor take the role after the current guy is done, and Elba’s name was floated because of course it was. The gamergate crew went nuts when a woman was suggested, I assume they did something similar when somebody non-white was.

    It would be especially cool because it would be a character who’d had years of experience as a white guy suddenly not being one. There are some good opportunities there, if it was done right. Doctor Who is a family show, so it’s kind of a silly place to look for serious storytelling, but it’s delivered it now and again.

    The two times a woman has really gotten her teeth into a Timelord role have been really fantastic, by the way. Michelle Gomez plays an amazing villain, and I’ll never forget Catherine Tate’s spin as the Doctor Donna.


    1. I don’t watch Dr Who as religiously as i used to (it was must see did me during the the Tennant years) but I do keep up with character developments and story arcs. I’m slowly coming to love it again but i can pretty much guarantee ya that I would be back watching Dr Who religiously again if the Doctor was a woman or person of color…it’s just SOOO different than the other Doctors and would give the storyline so much more freshness ya know.

      If i recall correctly one of the names mentioned was Chiwetel Ejiofir…which would have been dope!


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