Kiera Wilmot Deserves Her Life Back

The State of Florida was stupid to even charge this young lady for that bullshit. Poor kid. We need more people of color in the sciences not less. As the US is becoming “browner”, it’s important that everyone has the representation they need to succeed. Shit it’s hard enough sometimes to get our kids interested in …


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Know Thy Neighbors!

Damn it. I really need to learn more about my damn neighbors. You just NEVER know what is going on. It’s funny, cause being from NOLA, I remember growing up my family ALL lived in the same neighborhood some in adjacent courts other on the same street (Desire Housing Projects) but we knew all the … Continue reading Know Thy Neighbors!

Hello world!

Hey Young World!!  Gonna try my hand at this blogging bit.  I figured hey, I’m always on the intertubs and I’m usually commenting on “political” blogs, so I figured hey let’s do this on my own.  So what do I like: politics, movies, tv, food, pop culture! So what can you expect at Nell’s Place? … Continue reading Hello world!