No Time For Stupid People…Or…Bish Wut?

3 thoughts on “No Time For Stupid People…Or…Bish Wut?”

  1. Outstanding, and I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve got a little over ten years on you, and my fields of you-know-whats are truly fallow, barren, and salted. So done with the willfully and aggressively ignorant. So done with their enablers, comforters, courtesans, and fellow travelers in the mainstream press. So done with all of those who are quite literally scared stupid. Time to get on with it.


    1. Like I said, I really do have a group of friends and former co-workers who are diverse and we don’t all agree on politics and the like, but even when we don’t agree, when we discuss those disagreements, we don’t come with BS deflections and rumours and untruths. These are people I know well, so why in the would I accept less than that from people I don’t even know. So at this point, I’m like shoot I’ve got enough friends thank you very much. So I’m selective in who I add into my inner circle beyond just work related pleasantries.

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  2. Good post that I just happened to stumble upon.

    So my thought is… even if the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, the outcome if the South had won would have been pretty terrible for our nation. And the Confederate flag is a reminder of this. Also, I probably would have never been born since my ancestors come from both sides of the Mason-Dixon county line and both sides of the color line. But that’s another story.

    But… of course, the Civil War was about slavery, whether or not that is why everyone fought it.


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