Tuesday Night Fun House Or It’s Time to Get Things Started…Fall TV Preview

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Fun House Or It’s Time to Get Things Started…Fall TV Preview”

  1. I am interested in the Muppets and Scream Queens. I love these posts, lamh. You are taking me back. I remember the times when I used to get that Fall TV Preview issue, and open up an Excel and map out my tv viewing – it was THAT serious for me..LOL
    I also want to see Quantico.


    1. I’m. it likely to watch Quantico, but I’ll def be following along with other folks who watch it. I’ll have to see. I wasn’t really on board with say Scandal or Greys Anatomy until people I know wouldn’t shut up about it, so I may give it an end of season chance later


  2. Since I watch Law & Order reruns almost constantly (I’m also a grocery bag hoarder) I don’t get into many new or current shows, but I do eagerly await your take on Wednesday (“Nashville” addict here) and Thursday (Scandal and HTGAWM). Don’t mean to go OT or highjack. I’ll wait until Thursday to ask you if you were disappointed with Scandal last season.

    And I hope your sister heals quickly.


    1. thx….sister is doing okay. just waiting til Monday is a bummer for her. Short thoughts on Scandal, HTGAWM and Nashville, in order, def disappointed in last season, can’t wait for HTGAWM, and never really got into Nashville, but caught an ep and I am forever sorry I never got caught up into it. but it’s on my plans for binge watching if ever I have free time to


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